The new South Beach, in the heart of Barbados
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Discover Barbados

Animal Flower Cave

The Animal Flower Cave is located under the cliffs at the Northern tip of the island. The Cave is an interesting study in geology, local history and stunning sea activity. On calm days you can swim in the natural rock pools in the cave or perhaps take a look at the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean through the windows to the ocean (cave openings). This beautiful Sea-Cave is a ‘must see’ !

Historic Garrison Tour

The Barbados Historic Garrison Tour is an exciting excursion which allows you to travel back in time, in air-conditioned comfort, through Barbados’ Historic Garrison, now acave-in-barbados UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Harrison Cave

The spectacular Harrison’s Cave in Barbados is geographically located in the centre of the island, a natural phenomenon unique to the tropical world. Specially designed transport takes you down through the underground tunnels to a sight so beautiful, that few can compare.

Cricket Legends of Barbados

The Cricket Legends of Barbados Cricket Museum is a tribute to (42) Barbadian/West Indian Cricketers and cricket legends, who played a significant role in the success of their teams. Take a trip down memory lane at the home of the Cricket Legends of Barbados through the Cricket Museum, packed with memorabilia dating back to the early 1900s.

This Museum is the first of its kind solely dedicated to cricket in Barbados. It fills the senses with nostalgia for those glory days when the West Indies stood on top of the cricketing world.

George Washington House & Museum

The GEORGE WASHINGTON HOUSE in Barbados is a beautifully restored 18th Century Plantation House where George Washington and his brother Lawrence slept in Washington House At the George Washington House there’s also a museum showcasing 18th & 19th century Barbados as well as artifacts and recreations of yesteryear. The house sits in beautifully landscaped grounds with a gift shop and a refreshing café


Oistins is one of Barbados’ main open-air Nightlife spots on weekends, especially on Friday nights. You can enjoy a traditional Bajan fish fry with all the trimmings surrounded by great company, at one of the many decorative, well-maintained food stalls and sidewalk vendors.

St. Nicholas Abbey

St. Nicholas Abbey is touted to be the last remaining authentic Jacobean house of the 17th Century that exists anywhere in the “New World”. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, it stands with a rich colonial history. The residence was built only 30 years after Barbados’ settlement by the British in 1627, and therefore offers major historical value. It has become one of the major historical landmarks and places of interests on the island.

Sunbury Plantation House, St. Philip

A pillar in Barbadian history, this Great house dates back to the 1660s and is open for viewing. This is a true plantation house that offers the ideal colonial lifestyle and living standard that was common centuries ago when sugar was king.

Ragged Point Lighthouse

This picturesque spot is worth exploring. The footpath goes to the nearby cliff, which provides an awesome view. At the cliff’s edge, if you look across the bay you will see a Lighthouselone house perched on the ledge of the other side of the cliff.


If you only visit one spot in Barbados, visit Bathsheba. The East Coast offers stunning panoramas of the tumultuous Atlantic, a top surfing spot, exciting elevated views and enigmatic jagged hills. It appeals to the avid surfer and the curious onlooker. This is one of the best places to experience Barbados East Coast and to revisit old Barbados.

Chalky Mount, St. Andrew

A lovely little back-in-time village where the island’s largest reserve of clay deposit lies and where potters lived and worked, throwing pots as their forefathers did some 300 years ago. Today there are a few potters’ shops remaining but the prime attraction is the short walk to the top of the 550 foot elevation mount, which shadows the nearby east coast.